I'm a writer, mostly of "way cool" science and other books for kids. Bubble Homes and Fish Farts (Charlesbridge; illustrated by Carolyn Conahan) is my fifteenth book (more to come!). I've also written oodles of articles in magazines such as YES Mag, KNOW, Odyssey, and Highlights for Children.  Over the years, I've chased questions through most of the "ologies", talking to scientists around the world about all kinds of neat stuff, from palindromes to solar wind.  I share what I find with the most curious beings on the planet---kids. I have the coolest job!
Click on the links for information about my books and a little about me.  A few times each month I take a break from the keyboard and get out to talk with kids and adults about writing.  I love doing that!  Follow the links to find out how to invite me to speak at your school, conference, or writers' group.  And if you're a writer looking for some tips and hints, there's some of that here, too.



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